Young, Beginning and Small Producers

Young Farmer Loans, Beginning and Small Producers

We are committed to lending to qualifying young, beginning and small agricultural producers. Not only do we aim to enhance their ability to get established in production agriculture, we also strive to assist them develop fundamental business skills needed to be successful. Additionally, we support government efforts to provide these young, beginning and small producers assistance. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who qualifies as young?

A farmer, rancher or producer age 35 or younger as of the loan date.

Q: Who qualifies as beginning?

A farmer, rancher or producer with 10 years or less of experience in the business as of the loan date.

Q: Who qualifies as small?

A farmer, rancher or producer who normally generates less than $350,000 in annual gross sales of agricultural products.

Q: What programs are available?

In addition to support of governmental programs available, Premier Farm Credit offers special YBS lending programs for crop farming, breeding and stocker cattle.

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Dan Firme

Dan Firme farms and ranches near Haxtun, Colorado with his wife Steffany and their two sons. Premier Farm Credit is a proud supporter of their future.