P.O. Box 306
700 W. 8th Ave 
Yuma, CO 80759

Phone: 970.848.5839
Toll Free: 800.698.5341
Fax: 970.848.5283

Chris Hornung
VP - Lending

Man with white hair wearing suit indoors and is a farm land appraiser from Premier Farm Credit in northeast Colorado and Nebraska

Jerry Lebsack
VP - Appraisal

Clint Nash
Senior Loan Officer

Garrett Seymour
Senior Loan Officer

Tyler Lebsock
Loan Officer

Janelle Remmich
Senior Financial Analyst

Man wearing a green shirt smiling and is a ag equipment appraiser for Premier Farm Credit

Ryan Lebsack

Mariya Mekelburg
Credit Support Specialist

Shiree Hull
Customer Service Representative