Appraisal FAQ’s

At Premier Farm Credit, we have a team of certified rural appraisers that can provide an appraisal for a variety of purposes – whether it is for real estate financing, estate planning, property acquisition, charitable donation, etc. – we can provide a reliable opinion of market value, and you don’t have to be an existing borrower at Premier. We serve all of Northeast Colorado and portions of Western Nebraska.

•Contact us at the Administrative office (522-5295) or the Yuma office (848-5839)

We will ask some preliminary questions about the property – location (address/legal description), number of acres, land use (irrigated, dry cropland, pasture, etc.), improvements, water rights, etc. These give us a better understanding of the property and how much market research will be necessary. If we are doing a chattel appraisal (farm equipment, vehicles, cattle, crop & seed inventory), it’s helpful to have the equipment/vehicle/machinery inventory, serial numbers, hours and years on each. If  we are doing an appraisal on cattle owned, it’s useful for the appraisal team to know the breeds, sex and age. We’ll also ask what the intended use of the appraisal is (the most common are financing, property acquisition, and estate planning/settlement). If you have this information available, it will expedite the process.

  • After consideration of the property to be appraised and the market area, we will provide a bid for the project. You can review the proposal and get back to us.
  • If you choose to proceed, we will draft a written contract that outlines the terms of our agreement, which both you and a member of our team will sign.

• Since no two properties or chattel appraisals are alike, it’s difficult to provide a general estimate for any type of appraisal. Our fee is based on the amount of time we expect to have in the project – from market and sales research, property inspection, and writing a comprehensive report that is appropriate for the intended use and user(s) of the report.
• Factors that influence the cost are: property type, location, size and complexity of the property, and the available market data for the particular area.

If you have questions or to inquire about an appraisal, give us a call! You can reach Evan Reed at the Administrative office at 522-5295 and Jerry Lebsack or Ryan Lebsack at the Yuma office at 848-5839.

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